First day on the island may you like to stay in your room or studio in skopelos town or in a countryside villa or a studio close to beach.
Boat usually arrives in Skopelos after 14.00 hours.
Second day. Its a good idea to explore the village Glossa and Elios. In Glossa may you like to taste some traditional sweets and visit the local museum. Then you can go to swimm at Elios beach or Milia beach even in Kastani where Mamamia movie was filmed.
Third day. Now is the time to climb up to mountain to visit the monasteries in Skopelos. Then Stafilos beach or Panormos is awaiting for you!
Fourth day. Explore the town of Skopelos climb up to the castle, find some ancient churches there. Then visit Folklore Museum and Vakratsa' s Mansion. Have some lunch in a taverna and may the afternoon have some time to swimm.
Fifth day. If you hire a car you can drive some road after the ring road in Skopelos to explore countryside. A very green driving! Many country houses farmers and pines with fresh air. Have your foto stand by...
Sixth day. I think you need some rest today. Just a coffee in a cafe in Skopelos or an ice cream. In the night shoping for gifts and a drink ...may be soft.
Seventh day. Departure from Skopelos to Skiathos airport or to Volos. Wish to arrive safe at home!